Top Ten Essentials Skills To Learn In This Modern World


I tried my best to collect the Top Ten Essentials skills to learn in this modern age where technology is taking over the world,mostly these skills are for ENTREPRENEURS but i am sure the people who have talents in these skills will be earning much more then normal people

1.Web Development

Web Development is  a very very important skill to learn in this age because even if its a pop star politician or a business or some local shop or company or even a book everyone needs a website to advertise their product or content so web development is a art to learn how the web actually works and how to code a website and its also one of the best ways to earn money online.The richest Blogger in This World earns about $500,000 – $800,000 per month so if a person know how to code and program a website he sure can learn how to post articles on one.

Web Development is needed in every company and business so you can even get jobs for it and its not so hard to learn you just have to learn some basic programming languages like HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization.What is that anyway?.SEO makes your online content more visible to more people in Many Search Engines like Google Yahoo and Bing.SEO is the most in demand skill nowadays.if You learn how the System ranks content when someone searches on Search engine (SEO) will bring countless numbers of traffic to your Website and you earn enough money to spend your life in some months if it goes well.SEO is very simple and yet its not.SEO is indeed just the pattern of how the system of Search Engines work but its hard and complex to learn how it works accurately

3.Web Design

Web Design is the skill of how to present your website to the world and to give the user friendly-colourful enviroment.Professional Web Design makes your Website look Professional and they are attracted to your website and want to read your content out of curiosity.a well designed Website makes the author look more professional so therefore people will believe his content

You can learn Web Design by learning dynamic programming languages to fully customize and control your web’s Design and softwares like Photoshop plays a great role in Web Design

4.Graphic Design

Every company needs a logo and every game needs someone to draw characters for them.Graphic Designing is a great profession.There are Countless jobs for this in and many freelancing websites like and so you can either make money online by becoming a part time freelancer or just work for a company and draw all the things needed

To learn Graphic Design you will need to learn professional softwares like Photoshop etc

5.App Development

App Development is a excellent way to earn some extra money you just need to learn how to use android studio and place some apps on google store and apple can earn up to 5000$ per app and its pretty easy to get used to app development.if you want to jump into advance app development then java will be enough to become a professional app developer

6.Learn A Musical Instrument

A Musical Instrument can help a great amount of deal in mentality,science has proven that music has power to change mentality in a second and change moods for example when you hear rock n roll your heart beat will amazingly increase and when you hear slow and romantic music you will find it very relaxing

When you learn musical instrument like violin you will develop a music sense which can be very usefull nowadays where there is youtube and social platforms where you can earn from posting videos of making cover songs of popular sense will help alot if you find yourself posting videos in such platforms.some covers have earned millions of dollars.


This should be on top three,yes i know because programming is basically learning how to talk to machines and is very interesting at first if you glare at professional would think its a ancient language of planet sweet but if you start it from basic and get a picture of how code works in your mind it will start to look easier to you its like learning math.when you first look at math’s formulas you will be confused but when you start to learn how it works you will get a hang of it.Programming can get you jobs very easily and for your information Web development and app development are connected to programming basically they are mostly programming.programming is learning how to create softwares and applications and also the web.its an awesome skill to learn in this world of tech

8.Learn Art

Learn Art.Make physical products and sell it in web if you are good with crafting.its indeed very profitable.In these days where people are drawn to Web. Artists can make a good amount of money with their Art.Art is of all kinds Digital to crafting all that it takes is time and talent.

9.Learn how to use Professional Softwares

learn how to use Professional Softwares which can get you jobs online as freelancer for example if you just know how to use can make 100$ per day on freelancing sites by just making data spreadsheet.Dont underestimate the Laziness of people they will pay for even small jobs like this so you can make much money by doing plenty of freelancing per day.

Photoshop can also help you earn from freelancing after all photoshop is used to design and edit almost everything

10.Art of writing

When you write essays in your school.Dont take them lightly! pay attention to them! Children of small age will not understand but Writing is a skill its a ART which can earn alot then you expect.The business on web is increasing rapidly.that means more and more websites are being created that means they need traffic for traffic they need articles which is worth to read if you know how to write professionally and well you can write articles on those websites and make 100$+ per article or you can create yourself a website and become a blogger if you started blogging as side earning and you can write content worth reading you will soon be quiting your job and focusing on blogging full time.yes its that profitable.other way to earn is to become a author.Write books and ebooks and self publish them on createspace and other platforms.Authors earn alot if they can write very well and catch the hearts of people


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