Points To Remember:To Be Successful In Life


Things On How to Be  Successful In Life

In all of our Lives We all Wish to become Successful in the upcoming Unseen future Some of Us are confused on which Area Of expertise they should go in and some of us Just wants to be Successful In any Profession they choose for themselves.

What is Success? How to Attain Success? Why is Success Important? These are the Questions I was wondering for some time now so i wanted to research some Successful People and Some researchers who have already studied and Met many Successful People.

In this Article I will tell you about the essential things needed to be Sucessful and the meaning of success

One of the researchers i searched was Richard St.John i found him from one of his TedxTalks and he researched more then 500 Succesful people in his 10 years of research and in his famous ted talk he talked about ‘The 8 Traits of successful People”.All the people he interviewed had these 8 traits in common.These succesful People He interviewed were from many different Professions.Successful Accountants to Big Tech Company’s director like Bill Gates

This is the link to his Ted talk

Richard and Some Other researchers Found out the essential Things needed to be succesfull in any Profession.

  • Love What you Do
  • Work Really Hard
  • Focus On Your Work
  • Think out of the box and come up with good ideas
  • Have Patience And be Determined

Some of these things are from Richard’s video and some essential things needed to be successful in any Profession

Always Choose A Profession in which you will love to work dont choose a profession because its job salary is high because you will get bored and tired from it at some point in your life

IF you want to become a Painter Or an Artist Don’t Become a Computer Engineer just because its job salary is high If you love to Paint then maybe you can become Da VInci of the next generation and your each paintings can be sold for millions and if you wanted to become a painter and you choose engineering then maybe you would have stucked on 900$ salary for your whole life and regretted it when you are retired

Work Really Hard There is no such things as shortcuts on the way to success If you think your the only one Working this hard then find Motivational videos or articles to motivate yourself and Think if you Achieve what you want to, your whole life can be written in books for centuries,Always Think Positive

There are many things Distracting us from our work Phones , Tv , laptop etc so we have to get rid of these things and focus on our work only

Only when you will get new ideas if you think of the box we need to simple things in different ways sometimes this helps alot to Get new ideas

If you want success Then you must have strong Patience and Determination there is no such thing as overnight success and there will be no success if you are not determined.

These were the Essential Things needed to be Successful

The next thing is Understanding What Success Really Is

What do you want from your life  If you Just want alot of money thats why you want to be succesful then the chances of you becoming the world’s Most Successful Man are low.The basic Key to Success is Your own desire If you want to be athlete runner then your dream must be to run marathons across the 7 Continent.If your a Computer engineer then your dream must be Making a huge and better company then Microsoft Google Facebook etc if your a Mathematician then your dream should be winning a Nobel Prize.

Always aim for the top and try to maximize your own potential and never give up

i think these rules are very important if we follow them then eventually success would be on our doorsteps


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  1. Wonderful post! But the problem of many people is that they don’t know what they want from life as they’re too entangled with in themselves. However your post gives a detailed insight into how to be successful.

  2. This was a good read, I believe that success is defined differently from different perspectives and the secret relies in finding your own version of success and pursuing it. thanks for sharing.

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