Thanos is the most awesome Super Villain Ever-Avengers Infinity War Spoilers-Beware

Avengers Infinity War

I have recently watched infinity war and guess what? like everyone else I think it is AWESOME!!. Go check it out if you havent. It is an Awesome Movie with an Amazing Cast. Finally The 12 years infinity war build up paid off in this movie. Watch as your favorite characters like Doctor Strange and Tony Stark fight back to back. Each character gets a moment to shine in the movie ….. except Ant-Man and Hawkeye who for some reason are not in the movie!!! and hulk is seriously depressed and never shows up after 10 mins of the movie… Well it was still fun to watch Banner pilot the Hulk-Buster

The fight against Thanos left the MCU heroes with a utter defeat and the eradication of half of the universe. In this movie, Thor will become one of your favorite marvel heroes as you will begin to pity him the most as he loses everything he ever had.. Literally everything. The end fight was the best when tony fought one on one with Thanos and managed one drop of blood of Thanos and you are left to praise him for that.

Thanos The Best Villain Of All Time

In this movie, The most awesome character is Thanos because of his powers,intellect, straight to point dilouges and not wasting time to attack many of the heroes. Hulk didn’t stand a chance against him because he rivals hulk’s power and he had advantage because hulk does not think.. he just smashes.. But imagine a hulk who is a martial artist, Thats Thanos. Thanos gives his all to get to his goal and even sacrifices his daughter who he loved dearly. Thanos has strength equal to the Hulk plus he has a very good intellect and in comic book language “Cursed of Knowledge”. He defeated Captain America, Falcon, Black Panther single handedly. Tortures people to get what he wants and takes precaution on his every action. He wanted to destroy the half of the universe because he thought that at this rate, The whole universe will be destroyed, Planet resources will die and nothing will be left. So as he thought he was the strongest he took the responsibilty to save the universe and was ready to sacrifice everything he had. He wanted to see the sunset when the half of the universe have been eradicated and everything he had would be lost for his ideals. The MCU Thanos was way better because he had a strong motive. Defeating Thanos in infinity war 2 means defeating his thinking. Thats why Thanos is one of the best villains of the MCU.

The last scene when he sat down , watched the sunset and smirked was awesome

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