Skills Needed To Become a Front End Developer

Front End Development

Website Development is a very big industry and is growing at a great pace, Having Websites have become a necessity for a business whether is it a small or multinational business. There is a term in our modern world that “If you are not online then you don’t officially exist”. Every business needs a website and for that reason every business needs a web developer, To create and maintain their websites after all that website is going to be their online presence and believe me when I say you need a good online presence to have a successful business. Website Development can be divided into 2 areas. Front-End Development and Back-End Development. Back-End Development handles how all functions work on a website and makes a website interact with a database on the other hand Front end development consist of how interactive a website is. Front-End development makes a website pleasing to the eye and increases its user-friendliness.

In This Post we will talk about the skills needed to become a Front-End Developer and get a high paying job


Ok, Everyone knows about HTML/CSS but for the post’s sake lets talk them through. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is basically the basic of the basic programming languages. It basically defines a website structure by tags. Every Single Website on the internet consist of HTMl, Because how will you create a website if that website don’t have a basic structure that you will modify and make it pleasing to the eye. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) modifies HTML and makes a website layout interactive and basically Colorful. CSS Defines font, size, color, spacing, border and location of HTML information on a web page etc. Bottom Line every single website consist of HTML and CSS


Javascript is a scripting language but it can be used to create dynamic features on a website. Javascript programming language have a high demand in the job market. Every Professional Front-End Developer knows somewhat javascript. It is an essential for a Front-End Web Developer. In some cases it is also used in the Back-End Development, So having JS in your tool set is sure going to come handy Someday


Sometimes I wonder when I code, Life would have been so hard if Bootstrap was never invented. Bootstrap is a front-end framework of CSS and helps in both HTML/CSS with its reusable Pre-defined classes which makes Professional Developers life easier by a great margin. Bootstrap is very easy to learn and you can integrate bootstrap in your application by just one line of code and then you can use its interactive features which over all increases your website’s User Friendliness


JQuery makes your website more interactive and user-friendly. JQuery have a huge Community. Again you can integrate JQuery in just one line of code. Every Professional Experienced Web Developer somewhere in their career have used JQuery in their projects. JQuery is a wonderful skill to have for a Front-End Developer

Responsive Design

In this age where there are many kind of screens with different sizes and shapes. Responsive Design has become a necessity. Every single website which you use are responsive meaning they adjust themselves according to the screen size. It increases user friendliness and mobile-friendliness. Learning Responsive Design is not hard if you memorize all the tricks. a Front-End Developer who don’t know how to design a responsive website is definitely doomed. If the website is not responsive then the business might loose thousands of potential customers just because they were using smaller screens

This is my list of skills that I think are must for Front-End Developer. Its just my humble Opinion

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