Congress Law Makers asks the most hilarious Questions-Mark Zuckerberg Congress Hearing

Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress Hearing, Lawmakers have asked some hilarious questions..

1. “My son is dedicated to Instagram, so he’d want to be sure I mentioned him while I was here with you.”

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt question worked to give other lawmakers realization that Mark Zuckerberg held more power than them

2. “Did you know that the Motion Picture Association of America is having problems with piracy and … this is challenging their existence?”

Georgia Representative Buddy Carter asked this question to burden mark Zuckerberg about piracy and privacy

3. “How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?”

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch asked this question, Mark Zuckerberg simply replied with “Senator, we run ads”

4. “If I’m emailing within WhatsApp … does that inform your advertisers?”

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz who was unaware that WhatsApp is not an emailing platform but is a Chat platform, Mark Zuckerberg resisted the temptation to correct him and simply said “Content on WhatsApp would not lead to related ads”

5. “What was Facemash, and is it still up and running?”

Missouri Representative Billy Long asked that question and embarrassed Mark Zuckerberg because Facemash was one of the earliest projects of Mark Zuckerberg, In which you could rate the hotness of girls

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