Many Boycotts of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon. People Tried AND Failed

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At the moment it is nearly impossible to avoid services and products of Google, Facebook, Apple but people are still trying. After The infamous Data Scandal Occurred with Facebook and was known that a company Cambridge Analytica had illegal access to 50 million users data on Facebook. A trendy #BoycottFacebook #DeleteFacebook hashtag spread like wildfire, Hundreds of Accounts were Deleted from Facebook. People started to quit Facebook But they give their Colleagues, Family, Relatives Their Instagram details, Instagram is also a company run and owned by Facebook. Hashtags for other Tech Giants like Google, Apple were posted on Twitter.

Apple in February hadn’t responded to calls to delete a channel from the National Rifle Association from its streaming-video service after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. a Democratic activist in Los Angeles Ryan Knight voted for a Boycott of Apple.

He wrote to Apple ” Dear Apple, Your Silence is Deafening. #BoycottApple”.
350 accounts Retweeted this On Twitter. The Irony is Mr. Knight used an iPhone to write Tweet.

Hashtags for Tech Giants are flooding on Twitter after the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal.  People voting for Boycotts of products and Services of Apple, Google, Facebook but in this modern world of Technology, it is nearly impossible to avoid such benefiting products and services of Tech Companies.
After Quitting from Facebook, People are using Instagram which is a company owned by Facebook.

a documentary filmmaker in San Francisco Sachi said “It’s exactly the same company. I realize it’s ridiculous,” She deleted her Facebook account and moved to Instagram where she said this.She said that she had immediately begun missing Facebook as a research tool for her documentaries.

People Wants To Punish Tech Giants by not using their Services and Products. Last Year Google fired an Engineer
James Damore, for criticizing the company’s diversity efforts last year. 7000 Tweets called out #BoycottGoogle in which 26 percent was posted from an Android Phone. “Google’s firing of James Damore proves his point completely. I will no longer be using Google for any services. #BoycottGoogle” said Milton Prescott

a program manager at a life-sciences company Marisa Richardson said that she boycotted Amazon after learning that it offered the NRA channel on its streaming-video service. she avoided the e-commerce site and went to the local store on the streets spending more money than usual on Amazon After some time she realized that those stores were owned by Amazon.

People used the hashtag #March1NRABoycott to spread the message on social media including
Actress Alyssa Milano, There were about 60,000 Tweets nearly half came from an iPhone or an iPad.
Ms. Milano said through a spokeswoman.“Had I sent the same tweets from an Android phone, the same issue would apply. There is an NRA TV app for Android phones,” “We are only just beginning to understand how these companies have infiltrated not only our ideologies but also our lives in the most in-depth way imaginable.”.

Mr. Knight, the activist who used an iPhone to call for an Apple boycott, said in an interview “I do have an iPhone, but as a customer of Apple’s, am I not allowed to hold them accountable?”. Eddy Cue an executive of Apple said that The NRA Channels does not violate Company’s Policies.

Elon Musk, chief executive of SpaceX and Tesla, deleted the Facebook pages of both companies but left their pages and his personal account active on Instagram. The photo-sharing platform, he said on Twitter, is fine “so long as it stays fairly independent.”
Elon Musk Tweet

Many Famous People are quitting Facebook but are going to Instagram, More and More People are joining in the Boycotts, If people will not use Facebook then they will Use Instagram because there is no other site like Facebook.

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