Best Way to Create a Diet Strategy for Fitness and Health

Best Diet Strategy For Fitness and Health

Best Diet Strategy For Fitness and Health

Before we continue i would like to tell everyone that even if you are bodybuilding or not. Sugar should be kept at the minimum or completely avoided and you need to accept that some of the food you eat is crap. You need to learn how to be honest to yourself. If you don’t know what is crap in your diet then that is just plainly lying to yourself. Donuts and sweets may seem tasty but they are not even a little good for your body. Too much sweet and sugar can bring in deadly diseases and tremendous side effects on your body So to keep yourself healthy you need to make some sacrifices. In this diet plan i will give you many recommendations on the food you should eat each meal time so that you won’t get bored eating the same food over and over everyday

starting the day

starting a day with a healthy fruit like apple doesn’t seem bad and as for the cereal, Just pick your favorite cereal. It doesn’t matter but just check that the cereal you choose should have low sugar and fat or sometimes you can drink a protein shake of banana or anything else.

Now the key for fitness is to keep eating every 4 hours. Eat more often but eat the good stuff. eating unhealthy stuff won’t do any good. Now lets talk about the gap between the breakfast and lunch as i said you need to keep feeding your body. Eating dry foods can be very healthy such as dates but for weight loss eating a lot of them won’t be good but for bodybuilding they are good because they have healthy fat and a lot of energy. You can eat dry foods or fruits like apple, Grapes, bananas. Every fruit is healthy just choose one and eat one everyday. Oh, yeah drink as much water you can. At least 3 bottles per day. Keep yourself Hydrated. Water is very resourceful for your body. Now at the lunch time, i won’t specifically tell you what food to eat. I will tell you what to eat. Imagine a big round plate for your lunch. Now divide the plate into portions. for example fill your half plate with protein like grilled chicken and a quarter for healthy fat and another quarter for carbohydrates. i told you what the food you eat should have so that you can choose your own favorite foods and divide it. 2-4 hours after lunch you can eat sweet potatoes or some healthy snacks every snack which has low sugar and healthy fat and normal carbohydrates is healthy snacks. You can eat yogurt. yogurt is good nourishment. sweet potatoes is good for body building. Remember Eat More but stay away from junk food. Keep drinking water and eat lots of fruits. at dinner you would want to eat less so get something light and healthy to eat. choose between your own favorite foods except junkies and manage your plate by balancing calories carbohydrates and protein.

I believe people can’t follow a diet plan for long if it don’t consist of at least 1 of their favorite foods that’s why in this post i am telling you to decide what food you should eat in fact you should not think of it as a diet plan. Just keep balancing in your mind

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